Increasing People Performance Improves Profits and Productivity – White Paper

Bill Rydzynski, Director Talent Management, Co...

Bill Rydzynski, Director Talent Management, Comcast (Photo credit: cityyear)

HOUSTON — Oilfield service companies leveraging global teams and virtual workforces can ensure they find, hire and train the right talent by improving their human capital functions, according to a recently released Chronos Consulting white paper.

 “Unleashing People Performance for Higher Global Profits and Productivity” (click to download) addresses the top human capital, supply chain and operations concerns for organizations in the energy sector today, including managing North American and global operations and offshore value chains, developing and retaining talent while dealing with high turnover and managing global cross-functional teams in complex projects. It explores how oilfield services and energy companies can increase profits and productivity by improving the performance and morale of their people.
It also outlines five strategies for oilfield service companies to leverage human capital for improved profits, productivity and talent management. Managers and executives can gain new insights into how organizations can effectively manage these teams, while reducing turnover and minimizing issues often caused by cross-cultural communication and working with local contractors. Through finding and nurturing talent and developing collaborative cross-functional and global teams, companies can enhance profits and productivity, improve retention and leadership development and mitigate the costs of doing business on a global scale.
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