In God We Trust, For Cloud We Pass

Study Shows that More than Three-quarters of Americans Do Not Trust Cloud Security to Save their Emails, Photos and Files

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Security survey reveals Americans’ overwhelming concerns about Cloud and email security.

Halon, the technology leader in email security, routers, and load balancers, today announced the results of its 2013 Security Survey. The survey found that the majority of Americans are wary about cloud and email security. In fact, over three-quarters of Americans (76%) have concerns about storing emails, photos and files in the cloud, while 94% say there are specific triggers within an email that would cause them to doubt the credibility of the sender.

Concerns about storing in the cloud include:

Losing files (35%)
Files not stored securely (34%)
Loss of control (30%)
Embarrassing files made public (28%)
Computer viruses (21%)

Surprisingly 25% of Americans say they do not understand what the cloud is, and a number of Americans (13%) think companies that hold files in the cloud cannot be trusted. Men were statistically more likely than women to worry that someone will access their embarrassing files like emails and photographs (31% vs. 25%), and feel like they do not own music, television shows and movies in the cloud (19% vs. 11%). Conversely, more women than men do not understand what the cloud is (32% vs. 18%). Looking at the generation gap, more adults 55+ than millennials (35% vs. 29%) feel a loss of control when handing over files. When addressing concerns that someone can get access to sensitive or embarrassing files, adults younger than 34 were more concerned than their senior counterparts (33% vs. 25%).

A further 79% of Americans say they would never feel comfortable saving any type of file in the cloud, and of those respondents, 84% say there are actions to get them there, including:

Proof of security (54%)
Guarantee of security from a trusted company (44%)
Better understanding of what the cloud is (41%)
Knowing where files are stored (34%)
Reassurance from a tech-savvy friend (14%)

Women were statistically more likely than men to say they need a better understanding of the cloud (49% vs. 33%) and reassurance from a friend with technology know-how (17% vs. 10%).

Security concerns extend to email. Less than half of Americans (43%) say they are confident or very confident that when they receive an email, the sender is who they say they are.

Source: Halon

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