New Dale Carnegie Study Uncovers Source of Employee Engagement

Recent research finds employee engagement and loyalty are more vital than ever to achieve the best results.

Gallup Statistic on Employee Engagement and Bu...

Gallup Statistic on Employee Engagement and Business Success (Photo credit: BetterWorks)

With organizational changes and economic challenges facing companies today, employee engagement is on the decline. A recent study by Dale Carnegie Training reveals that 29% of employees are fully engaged while 26% are actively disengaged or non-productive. The Bureau of National Affairs estimates that U.S. companies lose over $11 billion annually as a result of employee turnover (via The Bureau of National Affairs).

Companies with a higher population of engaged employees will outperform a company with lower levels of engagement. Today, employee engagement and loyalty are more vital than ever before to achieve the best results. The key question for management is how to ensure that the supervisors interact with individuals to create and foster an engaged workforce.

“Critical to getting an employee’s best effort is to tap into their discretionary effort,” said Greg Cox, President and COO of Dale Carnegie – Chicago. “An effective leader will arouse an eager want in an employee for them to spend their discretionary effort for the good of the organization, project or cause.”

Dale Carnegie Training recently teamed up with MSW Research to study the functional and emotional elements of employee engagement. The study surveyed 15-hundred national representative subjects. The findings concluded that there are several factors that drive employee engagement. Those factors are:

  • Relationship with immediate supervisor
  • Belief in senior leadership
  • Pride in working for the company

“Training can support organizations with lower levels of engagement by having them improve their people skills, so that the culture is more positive and productive while handling conflict more effectively,” said Cox. Gallup reports that companies with engaged employees outperform others by 47% to over 200%.

Based on the findings from the MSW Research study, Dale Carnegie Training offers solutions designed to support organizations in boosting their employees to a higher level of engagement, as well as address “actively disengaged” employees to bring about new energy, enthusiasm and active engagement. Dale Carnegie Training has a strong heritage in training and coaching, and focuses on performance-improvement to help companies build positive, steady, and profitable results.

From: Dale Carnegie

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