Learning’s Elite at Corporate Learning Week

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Learning Resource Centre, Edge Hill University (Photo credit: jisc_infonet)

Corporate Learning Network (CLN) today announced the Chief Learning Officer Panel titled Lessons from Learning’s Elite at Corporate Learning Week (CLW) 2013, formerly Corporate University Week http://bit.ly/148DSlG .

The live-panel of CLOs from Fortune 500 companies will discuss learning, economic, and management trends that are fueling the transformation of the internal training organization and their role within the L&D function at Disney’s Yacht Club Resort, Lake Buena Vista, Florida, November 12-15, 2013.

Thought leaders will highlight how they intend to achieve strategy-supportive growth that internal training organizations need to follow to negotiate a challenging yet promising 2014. Allison Rossett, professor emerita of education technology at San Diego State University, will moderate the panel, which includes Bob Bennett, CLO from FedEx, Samantha Hammock, CLO from American Express Bank, Stefaan van Hooydonk, CLO from Philips Lighting Company, and Kevin Nieman, CLO from First Horizon National Corporation.

“It’s hard not to be thrilled about the options emerging for learning, support and community – thrilled and terrified,” Rossett said. “This panel will describe how they are leading, managing and leveraging so many options, so many expectations and never enough resources.”

Samantha Hammock, CLO and vice president of American Express Bank, said, “This past year we’ve really been focusing on, ‘How do we do that and make the training still effective?’ We’ve been focused on leveraging technologies as well as our internal systems and solutions to be able to get the right training to the right people.”

Kevin Nieman, CLO of First Horizon National Corporation, said, “We are focused on proactively measuring and shaping the culture of our organization to adapt to a complex, ever-changing marketplace. This means developing a strategic partnership with each line of business to ensure employees have the skill to leverage the strengths of the culture, so that it’s easier to execute their strategy.  When the culture and the strategy align, business results follow.”

CLW 2013 will feature presentations from corporations, including Alban CAT, American Express, Amway, BP BioFuels, Boeing Commercial Airplanes, The Coca-Cola Company, Citrix Online, Commune Hotels and Resorts, Deloitte, FedEx, Intel Corporation, Kimberly-Clark, Philips Lighting Company, Prudential Retirement, The Ritz-Carlton Leadership Center, Spectrum Health System, U.S. Army Combined Arms Support Command, U.S. Government Accountability Office (GAO) and Zappos IP, Inc.

From: Corporate Learning Network

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