Aligning Organisational Learning with Organisational Objectives

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It is important for an organisation to align its learning objectives with the overall organisational strategy. However, mistakes that are often made from creating HR training programs include:

1. Having a program because the department needs to have at least one.

Implication: the wrong question to ask is: “what program do you have in place?” The right question to ask instead is “what results are you delivering?”

2. Measuring by activity rather than results. To allow the organisation to be seduced by measuring their development programs by activity rather than results, efficiency rather than efficacy.

Implication: measure by results, and check regularly over certain junctions to ensure that people are on the right track. Don’t wait till things are at completion stage before checks and balances are done.

Holistic thinking across the organisation has to be applied. Here is example of how a results-oriented planning process in alignment to organisational objectives would look :

Results required Training Program Resource required Results achieved Gap and post-program evaluation
Overall profit increase by 15% Train sales executives in retention, and how to have greater value extraction of existing customers Sales executives need to be provided better incentives following program also.In-house trainers to align new incentives to training program. Existing customer purchases increased by 15%.Churn rate reduced by 20%. Results met. Perhaps a tighter program could include having sales executives use their customers to recommend the product to other customers and to incentivize customers to do so.
Course to train managers on waste management. Profits are affected by costs. Waste management is necessary to help managers identify sources of waste so that they can educate their staff. Waste trimmed by 10% 3 months after implementation of waste management program. More can be done on the managerial front to increase the waste trimming. Work on getting managers to evaluate their waste management effectiveness.
Train marketing executives on better planning of campaigns. $8,000 for trainer for 3 days intensive, tailored course. Post-course,  Measured over 3 months post-course – profit growth 12%. Have marketing executives evaluate each other’s campaigns and suggest improvements.



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