Now on Kindle: Change Management: The People Side of Change

Authors Jeff Hiatt and Tim Creasey have published Change Management: The People Side of Change. The book explores the essence of why companies need to manage change, especially with 70% of organizations expecting to see an increase in the amount of change over the next two years. Organizations that excel at managing this change are nearly six times more likely to succeed than others. So what does it take to effectively manage individuals and, collectively, organizations through change?

Change Management: The People Side of Change provides a practical yet comprehensive explanation of change management and how to apply the [five] tenets to achieve the desired objectives of the change,” says Michael Nestor, VP and Head of Change Management at Bayer. The eBook begins with Prosci’s Five Tenets of Change Management, which provide a concise explanation of the need for change management. From there, Prosci’s research-based, holistic and easy-to-use change management approach is presented in detail. “Based on years of research, the guidance in this book illustrates why effective change management is more than a project team role: it is also the responsibility of every executive, manager and supervisor in the organization,” says Nestor.

The book is an introduction to managing the people side of change for managers and executives. Project leaders and consultants can use this book with their organizations and clients to introduce change management to front-line managers and top-level executives involved in change. Specifically, managers and executives will understand the broader context around change management and their role in the process.

Hiatt and Creasey take 14 years of research with more than 2,600 organizations, white papers, and established change management models, and combine this knowledge into an easy-to-read guide for managing change. Multiple case studies and examples make this book a quick-read for managers and executives that need a basic understanding of change management.

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