Height and Workplace Success… yes it’s true, there is a correlation!

standing tall...

standing tall… (Photo credit: the apostrophe)

Numerous studies have shown that shorter people probably earn lesser than their taller counterparts, along with fewer promotions… and sadly, dates. But how does height add up to create that influential effect on pay, promotion and even hot dates?

In their paper on height and workplace success, Judge and Cable found that height influences how others perceive us and how we regard ourselves too. Locke et al. (1996) found that height highly correlates to self-esteem and is linked with social power and respect. In that sense, shorter people do become dissatisfied with their height or as the politically correct phrase “vertically challenged” goes. (Martel and Biller, 1987). Healthy self-esteem translates to superior performance, and this in turn, leads to career success.

They also found that each inch of height relates to a salary increase of about $789 per year (the research controlled for gender, weight and age). To prove in reality, it is noteworthy that more than 1 in 2 CEOs in the US are about 6-feet plus tall (183 cm!).

Researchers Case, Paxon and Islam (2008) corroborated the evidence and found that each extra inch of height is associated with a 1-2% increase in average hourly earnings for men and women.Interestingly, taller executives are satisfied with their health and also enjoy more years of education.
So the real question is…if physical stature is already a sustainable individual advantage, how can shorter people rise to the challenge if the playing field is not at equal level?



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