Considering A Masters in Management? Demand is Increasing Worldwide with 86% of Graduates Finding Employment Within 3 Months

The University of Salford’s Master of Business...

MIM and MBA Programmes (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Masters in Management (MIM) for graduates without professional experience are gaining ground. Over three-quarters of business school representatives are seeing rising demand among students in Asia, followed by Europeans, North Americans, and Latin Americans. About two-thirds of MIM programs are offered in Europe.

86 percent of the Masters in Management graduates get a job within 3 months of graduating, primarily in consulting or financial service firms or by starting their own business. They earn between EUR 21,600 (USD 29,000) and EUR 62,500 (USD 83,500), and even more if their institutions required the GMAT or had an internationally recognized accreditation like AACSB, EQUIS, or AMBA.”

Despite their general management approach, however, Masters in Management differ from MBA programs. They target recent graduates and increase the students’ career entry options while the MBA is for professionals who want to advance their careers.

Source: Masters in Management Compass

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