Expert vs Novice: Differences in approaches to problem solving

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Check out the differences between experts and novices in decision-making (Patel, Arocha, & Kaufman 1999):
1. Novices spend less time assessing the problem and more time solving it, compared to experts who do just the opposite.
2. Novices recognize and categorize problems basing their judgments on surface issues. experts recognize and categorize problems basing judgments on deeper levels of thoughts accumulated over the years of experiences of decision making.
3. Novices are unable to process and discern big-picture patterns in the information barrage given to them.
4. Due to the lack of experience in decision-making, the minds of novices are undeveloped in terms of memory work (long and short term) to process information.

The whole process of improving one’s decision making takes time to develop. There are no short-cuts to this. Find a mentor, observe, study, ask, read. With each decision, determine to do better on the next similar one.

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