Social Networking: The Vine – Your 6-second “kiss-and-tell”

Vine, Twitter

Vine, Twitter (Photo credit: clasesdeperiodismo)

Twitter’s acquisition of Vine has not caused as big a stir as perhaps the recent Washington Post acquisition by Amazon. Yet, it behooves marketers and companies alike to discover its benefits in order to capitalise on them extensively.

What the Vine is about: it allows for a 6-second video clip to be posted on its platform. This is extremely useful for snippets of motion pictures to be taken. Much as it was the rage when it was first acquired, marketers have to really weigh in on how they can capitalise on this platform. After all, it is about the returns on investments / efforts spent.

6 quick thoughts for executives to consider as they prepare to “kiss-and-tell”. Keep it:

1. Short. This is an attention grabbing platform. That’s it. “Nuff’ said. Self-explanatory. Like this.
2. Simple. Bring across one key thought. Don’t try to squeeze in several ideas and lose the plot. The length of time is a game-changing experience in getting marketers to rethink how they would operationalise their campaigns through the Vine (or even to use it at all).
3. Sweet. Sweet experiences bring people together. They relish memories, albeit in this case, really short ones.
4. Salty. Salted peanuts and snacks invite a drink. When you leave folks thirsty for more, you will be guaranteed of a recurrent crowd.
5. Slavish. Be deliberately imitative where necessary and appropriate. Innovation is important but imitation may be just as important in a time-starved world. Don’t reinvent the wheel when you have gotten one already. Model and pattern after something.
6. Sanitised. Be aware of sensitivities – culturally, socially, politically, religiously. Being controversial is good but not being rude. Don’t be controversially disrespectful. There are many ways of being creative. Push the norms, challenge the boundaries, but be sensitive.

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