Executive Hobby: Rubber Carving

Rubber carving 2

Rubber stamp carving has increasingly gained its popularity across Asia and even Europe. It is an inexpensive hobby and you do not need to be an artist to start with. This inexpensive hobby only requires a few simple tools – rubber (those you can get from the stationery shop. If you a professional crafter, you will need a rubber block which is esp. design for this purpose) / 2B pencil / tracing paper / craft knife and ink stamp.


If you are good at drawing, simply use a 2B pencil to draw your own images on a tracing paper and then scratch it on to the eraser (rubber). After that, you will see a mirrored image on the rubber. Do not worry if you are not good at drawing, you can just download images off the Internet easily for personal use.


Here you need to decide whether you want to have your image inked or un-inked because the carving will be different (image to be inked – cut around the image; image to be un-inked, carve the image out instead). Once you have these ready, simply use the carving tool and start carving. All you need to do now is to keep a steady hand and be very patience while you are carving.


Rubber stamp can be stamped on different materials like papers / fabrics or glasses. Once you have decided where you want to stamp, choose the inkpads which are made for these materials.

Enjoy Carving!~

From: Christine Yeung. Christine is a marketing executive and loves animals.

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