Study Finds Significant Correlation between Video Interviews and Job Candidates’ Likely Success on the Job

Video Interviewing over the internet has seen increased usage, primarily due to time and cost savings in the hiring process. Surveys indicate that as many as 10% of organizations have turned to web-based video technology for interviewing job applicants. Despite evidence of reduced interview costs, no research has examined the validity of web-based video interviews. Using a sample of 75 professionals, Dr. C. Allen Gorman, a management consultant and Assistant Professor of Management at East Tennessee State University, conducted a preliminary study to estimate the validity of interviews conducted using Interview4.

The study found that ratings of the applicant, applicant characteristics, and interview responses all predicted job performance and associated work outcomes. Although an initial attempt at validation, the results are encouraging for organizations looking to lower hiring costs yet maximize interview validity and value.

“While significant cost savings are being realized by our users, our experience using video in hiring, literally over decades, has led us to realize that the biggest benefit is the greater insight video can provide employers versus any other screening technique short of a face-to-face interview,” said Jim Robinson, CEO and co-founder of Hire-Intelligence. “Time after time we have seen video interviews help get the best candidates invited to the face-to-face interview, even those who may not have passed other screening criteria, for example, resume keyword screening.”

A white paper describing the study conducted by Dr. Gorman for Hire-Intelligence is available at


From: Hire-Intelligence


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