Information Illiteracy is an Executive’s Achilles Heel

Underestimating and/or overlooking the power of information literacy practice in meeting the social and economic challenges of executives often creates irreversible, unintended consequences.

Information Literacy Umbrella

Information Literacy Umbrella (Photo credit: danahlongley)

In order to maximize the utility of information tools, executives must become information literate. Not to do so, intensifies their susceptibility to the domestic and international vicissitudes of divergent economic, political, and social viewpoints. In fact, an information literacy mindset empowers executives to manage the daily tsunamis of information overload /misinformation. Learning how to effectively question, challenge, analyze, compare, contrast, evaluate, summarize, and synthesize information is at the heart of information literacy practice.

By developing an information literacy mindset, executives can have the inside track on how to advance in the workplace and earn the big bucks. K-12 learners can have the academic confidence, preparation, and foundation needed to turn them into academic stars ready to meet the challenges of college and career readiness. Patients and their caretakers can astutely access the appropriate healthcare services and insurance options. And voters can have the ability to see through the mayhem of politics and the myopia of the media to discern who is, in fact, working in the best interest of a nation as a whole.

As this week comes to a close, think twice about the information that you use to make “informed” decisions. Ask yourself about the origin of the information, who produced it, what are the alternative views, and why do they matter. By asking these few simple questions, you will be surprised at the level of clarity that an information literacy mindset can engender.

From: National Forum on Information Literacy

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