5 Tips to Excel in Your Presentations

Seminar med Bellona

Seminar (Photo credit: Redningsselskapet)

Clarity is always the basis for cooperation, whether it is buying or selling something. As you go through your career path as an executive, you are bound to give at least one presentation and in that process, communicate what you are researched and are recommending as steps to take. These are 5 quick tips on how you can excel in it.

1. Logos – Your listeners have to be guided down a logical path. Make the complex simple because complexity always finds its roots in simplicity. If your audience has to decipher information on their own, it is unlikely to illicit the level of response that you are looking for, which is the buy-in. So no matter how complex a matter you are dealing with, communicate it in the simplest manner. If it takes too many words, use charts, graphs, matrices, but always keep them simple and logical.

2. Pathos – No surprises, please. Work with your listeners as far as possible before the presentation gets to where it is. Especially when it involves big decisions that require major tectonic shifts in strategy. Chances are that your recommendations will be rejected if they are surprised at the very last minute. By working with them through the process, the issues can be ironed out, and buy-in can be gained before the presentation. It also gives you insights as to what the key decision makers are thinking and the way they are processing their decisions.

3. Mythos – Know the culture of the audience, seek to understand them and make them feel understood. Speak their lingo. Connect with them at a personal level.

4. Ethos – Establish credibility with the use of solid statistics outlined in a clear fashion. This is very much linked to point 1.

5. Autos – Adhere to the law of diminishing returns. Don’t keep tweaking the presentations all the way to the end. Once you and your team has done everything, then the making of small and slight changes may not add more value to the presentation than the bulk of it. Take a breather, and rest.


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  1. When I read “Prepared to act” from the POTUS (or chief puppet of the American Military Industrial Complex as I like to think of him) these days, it usually means do something stupid and ill advised.

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