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Today’s workforce wants to be more in control of its learning journey and is driving demand that learning and development be done differently. The Ken Blanchard Companies®, a global leader in workplace leadership development, has announced the release of The SLII® Experience, a new learning design for its flagship product Situational Leadership® II (http://www.kenblanchard.com/Solutions/Situational-Leaders…) (SLII®), the world’s most taught leadership model.

Backed by research and validated by more than 30 years of client work, SLII has been relied upon by some of the best organizations in the world. Most leaders gravitate toward one leadership style, but research shows it is more effective for leaders to choose the appropriate leadership style depending on the situation. SLII teaches people to use the right style at the right time. It improves the quality of conversations and strengthens relationships. It helps leaders to be more in tune with their people’s needs and aligned with their own intentions.

“The SLII Experience is a different way of learning that prepares people to lead differently,” says Ken Blanchard. “It develops authentic, inspiring leaders whom others want to follow.”

The SLII Experience immerses people in SLII quickly, deeply, and effectively. Based on a leadership model that teaches leaders to use the appropriate leadership style in response to the needs of the person and the situation, the new experience provides a fast-paced, results-focused design based upon proven content and research.Unlike traditional classroom training, participants learn fast and practice slow so that each participant can experiment with the key skills and concepts and build confidence in using them back on the job.Once in the classroom, learners move through a dynamic flow of activities. Short, rapid learning scenarios and skill-building focused on real work issues challenge participants to demonstrate their familiarity with the content.

A faster pace of learning paired with reinforcement over time, The SLII Experience is focused on greater learning retention and achieving desired behavior outcomes. Some of the key features include

·         An SLII Fitness Test that measures leadership intelligence and results in a “before, after, and back-then” approach

·         Video episodes produced in a modern television-program style, which depict realistic workplace scenarios in an entertaining way that engage participants with the content

·         A mobile app that helps leaders quickly “diagnose” a situation and practice the right leadership style

·         A self-paced 12-module online game called “The SLII Challenge” that allows learners to reinforce and deepen their skills while accumulating points

·         An online learning portal with access to all of the videos, worksheets, and reinforcement tools, which learners can use back on the job with their teams

Self-paced elearning tools further reinforce and internalize the material and provide support in teaching the concepts back to their team. Providing access to a participant’s team members is a partnered approach that gets an entire team speaking the same leadership language.

“We’re excited about the game-changing techniques in its learning design that engage, evoke, and express those common challenges we all face in the workplace from time to time,” shares Pat Zigarmi, coauthor of Situational Leadership® II and cofounder of The Ken Blanchard Companies. “The SLII Experience teaches new behaviors for addressing those challenges.”

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