Pumpkin Carving & Halloween Fun

Want to use items you may already have to save time and effort on your Halloween pumpkins? Here are five tips to make your pumpkins front porch worthy this year:

English: A freh pumpkin ready for carving for ...

English: A freh pumpkin ready for carving for Halloween or celebrating Thanksgiving. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

  • Cut off the Top: To remove the top of your pumpkin, use a jigsaw blade at a 45 degree angle around the top to remove the lid. Watch how quick and easy it is to open the pumpkin.


  • Gut the Pumpkin: Purchase a pumpkin gutter tool for around $10 and save 20 minutes compared to scraping the insides with a spoon. Simply insert the pumpkin gutter into your drill, tighten, and quickly clean the insides without damaging the seeds.


  • Drill Perfectly Circular Eyes: Use a ruler and mark two evenly spaced places for the eyes. Then, insert coring bits into the drill and to easily cut perfect holes for the eyes.


  • Chip Away Pumpkin “Skin”: One of the biggest trends in pumpkin carving is chipping away the “skin” or outermost layer of the pumpkin. To get this look, download one of our pumpkin carving templates, outline your design on the pumpkin using a pen or thumb tacks. Next, place the tip of a woodworking chisel underneath the skin and push away from the outside edge of your design.


  • Create Mini Pumpkin Bats: Spray cardboard and mini pumpkins with black spray paint. Cut the cardboard into wing shapes, take a chisel to cut slips on the sides of the mini pumpkins, and insert the wings. Drill holes in the pumpkins and insert small bolts for eyes. You can insert an eye screw on the top so you can hang a dozen of these around your front door using fishing line.

From: Mr. Handyman

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