Card-Linked Marketing Study

The latest study that sought to determine marketers’ attitudes towards Card-Linked Marketing (CLM) has been released. It studies the benefits of advertising directly through consumers’ online and mobile bank statements with targeted cash-back offers based on purchase history. The study found that 87% of marketers believe there are benefits to CLM with the top benefits being:

Better ability to reach loyal customers – 49%
Helps consumers save money – 47%
Ability to target offers based on consumer purchase history – 45%
Increased sales for retailers – 43%
Better ability to target new customers – 41%
Improved customer satisfaction due to more relevant ads – 33%
Precise measurement of marketing campaign results – 27%

3 out of 4 marketers say CLM is a suitable replacement for traditional marketing strategies including email offers (48%), coupons (48%), newspaper advertising (30%), online search advertising (29%) and TV advertising (24%). Marketing professionals also shared certain times of the year when they feel CLM is most effective. The top times include:

Christmas – 66%
Back-to-school shopping season – 57%
Times when consumers need to save money – 45%
Annual sales – 37%
Before payday – 32%
When there are economic concerns – 32%
Summer vacations – 30%
Tax day – 24%

Additionally, 93% of marketers say that there are important products and services that consumers would use CLM deals on frequently including groceries (74%), gas/convenience (71%), restaurants (66%), apparel (53%) and movies/entertainment (53%).

Information that will be useful to marketers to develop strong marketing campaigns include:

Consumer spending trends (yearly, monthly, or day-to-day)
Where people shop during certain times of the year
How many times consumers shop at certain stores in a year
Where consumers shop after they’ve shopped with your company
Market share, based on consumer spending across all stores

From: Cardlytics

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