Quote of the Day – on learning the art of the buy-in

“You need to practice the gentle art of generating buy-in: taking the steps necessary to maximize the chance that your audience will accept your recommendations. These steps involve bridging the information and trust gaps between you. The information gap exists because you know more about your findings than your audience does. Depending on the relationship between you and your audience, the trust gap (if it exists) could take any of several forms. Your audience may think that you are too inexperienced to comment on their business, or they may mistrust you because you are an outsider, are overeducated (or not educated enough), or for any of a number of other reasons… A good business presentation should contain no shocking revelations for the audience. Walk the relevant decision makers in your organization through your findings before you gather them together for a dog and pony show.” Rasiel & Friga, 2002


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