Will Recruitment Firms Be Replaced by Social Networking Sites?

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Organisations are finding talent in short supply—and are fiercely competing for it. According to A Brave New World: Recruiting Talent in a Digital Age, a new “playbook” for practitioners in the field, social recruiting has become top-of-mind for human capital leaders and talent management professionals seeking to attract and retain top talent.

The report draws from the analysis and first-hand experience of executives from 11 multinational corporations, including Campbell Soup Company, Cisco Systems and Deloitte, convened in a Research Working Group by The Conference Board.

Among the key findings:

  • Online candidate engagement means recruiting activities will be increasingly interconnected with PR and communications strategies. As active job-seekers rely more on social connections over traditional search venues, consistent and powerful branding and identity will be as important for candidates as customers.
  • Gamification—that is, borrowing the point-tracking, achievement levels, and engaged feedback of video games—will become more pervasive as a means to get young employees and other stakeholders more passionately involved with the organization.
  • Rising alongside creative social recruiting will be a rigorous “workforce science” based on the Big Data potential of platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn. Social media already facilitates communication and information exchange with individual candidates; the future will be aggregating this data into actionable demographic and behavioral insights.
  • In the evolving model of social recruiting, the role of the recruiter changes dramatically from a salesperson that brings a candidate to a specific job to a brand ambassador and analytics guru.
  • Organizations are moving toward dividing their recruiter responsibilities into two distinctly different components: One focused on competitive sourcing, to understand the competitive landscape and actively mine for talent; the second focused on business talent acquisition, leveraging their relationship with HR business partners, hiring managers, and vendors.

From: The Conference Board

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