Movers & Shakers: HootSuite and BrandWatch Partnership Seeks to Bring Breakthrough in Social Networking and Data Analytics

Hootsuite Staff Portraits

Hootsuite Staff Portraits (Photo credit: Kris Krug)

Popular social networking platform HootSuite and social analytics and intelligence firm BrandWatch have entered into a strategic partnership and in-depth product integration designed to offer customers a comprehensive social listening and engagement solution to manage social media across the enterprise.

This new solution strengthens the ability of enterprises to develop social relationships by combining Brandwatch’s listening and social business intelligence capabilities with HootSuite’s extensive engagement and publishing functionality to form a unified user experience. In addition to benefiting social customer care, PR and marketing teams, the integration will be particularly useful for social selling, making it easier for sales and lead generation teams to identify and engage prospects on social media. Posts collected through Brandwatch are analyzed using a vast array of custom analytics and are then automatically prioritized, filtered, routed and auto-synced into HootSuite streams, making it easier for organizations to centralize and manage social marketing, social customer service and social selling across the enterprise. In addition to giving Enterprise customers better access to data, the integration with Brandwatch also adds key indicators to an in-depth workflow management solution, including sentiment, priority flagging, automated tags, and assignment filtering.

Highlights of the integration include :

  • Engage and Monitor: Users can now monitor and customize Brandwatch data streams within the dashboard, and then engage influencers through HootSuite’s secure publishing workflow.
  • Advanced Data Gathering: Brandwatch’s unique data gathering technology draws from over 70 million sources around the world, empowering users to filter advanced search queries within the HootSuite dashboard.
  • One Unified Interface: Combining social media monitoring and publishing in one central location, community, marketing, customer service, and sales teams can manage social data more efficiently.
  • Advanced Sentiment Analysis: Brandwatch includes advanced sentiment analysis that helps customers to understand the tone of data at a moment’s glance, providing insight to organizations on what content is best for positive engagement.
  • More Languages: Brandwatch extends the language support to deliver conversations in over 27 languages. This language support covers 97% of the world’s population with unique sentiment classifiers and NLP analysis for each.
Hootsuite's bar

Hootsuite’s bar (Photo credit: ksablan)

The integration empowers customers to use social business intelligence to make real-time, informed decisions and easily take action with HootSuite’s ability to deliver content to multiple channels at optimal times, schedule postings, and access approved libraries of content. HootSuite also has advanced compliance features for customers in highly regulated industries, including financial services and healthcare.

From: HootSuite and BrandWatch

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