Quick Quirks: Money Does Grow On Trees

English: Eucalyptus trees in the San Dieguito ...

Eucalyptus trees  (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Science disproves the old retort

The next time someone uses the retort “Money doesn’t grow on trees!” on you, you can let them know that researchers from CSIRO Australia have discovered that to be untrue.

Well, sort of.

A group of eucalyptus trees in Perth have been found to contain particle traces of gold in their leaves – gold that is believed to have been drawn out by the vegetation’s deep-reaching roots in times of drought. Other trees, such as the Acacia mulga, and the shrubs growing in the same area as the gold deposits have also been found to contain gold.

Looks like finding gold deposits Down Under might just have gotten easier (and a little less expensive). Will it affect trading prices for gold in the positive or negative? Only time will tell.

For more information, check out the news reports on Australia’s ABC, or read the full report in Nature Communications.

Amanda Yun

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