Movers & Shakers: VivaKi Poised to Collaborate with Tencent

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The senior management team of VivaKi, part of the Publicis Groupe, a global leader in digital advertising solutions, visited Tencent and expressed willingness to cooperate closely with it in the area of digital marketing.

As China’s largest online life platform, Tencent not only plays a key role in facilitating the online life of China’s netizens, but also acts as a quality media channel bridging communication between brands and consumers. Thanks to its huge accumulated user base as well as commercial value, Tencent is now regarded as an effective window for understanding China’s changing digital media landscape and developmental trends. Due to the size and influence of both VivaKi and Tencent, the meeting between them carries significance for both parties.

“Mobility and other digital trends brought by the technology revolution are reconstructing the DNA of the entire advertising industry, and this journey of transformation has just begun,” SY Lau, CEO, Tencent, said. He added that rather than a new tool kit and new media mix, digital media should be considered marketing’s new state of mind. He called for the traditional marketing state of mind to adapt to embrace the new world. This was echoed by Frank Voris, CEO of VivaKi, who believes it is essential for media and ad agencies, adhering to their customers’ brand identity, to pinpoint the right target audience in a highly efficient manner while taking into account the user’s channel of communication, such as mobile devices.

The latest data from the China Internet Network Information Center (CCNIC) shows that the percentage of China’s mobile Internet users hit an all time high of 78.5% of the population in June, surpassing that of PC Internet users. This leaves no doubt that China has entered the mobile era. Tencent is prepared in every way to address the new market opportunity. In the area of mobile, Tencent WeChat, a hugely popular Chinese messaging app with over 400 million users, launched a payment feature to facilitate both online and offline communication between advertisers and consumers, providing more possibilities for O2O marketing. In the areas of big data and content marketing, Tencent launched the Ad Exchange advertising trading platform and a demand-side platform (DSP) called Tango to provide quick, accurate ad placement leveraging the power of big data; and Tencent Video is investing significant time and resources to introduce the best-quality TV dramas as well as producing original programs to provide the ideal channel for advertisers to implement highly sophisticated content marketing.

One excellent example was Olympic Parents, Tencent’s 2012 program sponsored by P&G, one of VivaKi’s key customers, which focused on the moving stories told by the gold medalists, athletes, their parents, and their experiences during the Games. P&G gained maximized returns thanks to Tencent’s marketing solution integrating the mobile integrated information platform plus interactive products plus social dissemination. This campaign has been regarded as one of the industry’s most successful case studies, and one that fully demonstrates the influence of Tencent’s integrated multiple platforms.

“We see more opportunities than challenges in this evolving digital marketing landscape,” SY Lau said, and added that Tencent is willing to explore changes and address new situations to realize the full hidden value of its digital media platform for advertisers and for industry influencers like VivaKi.

In July, Omnicom Group Inc. and Publicis Groupe SA announced a definitive agreement for a merger of equals, creating the world’s largest advertising communication group. As an indispensable part of Publicis Groupe, VivaKi has a strong influence on global ad spending and media investment.

From: Tencent

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