Yellow-shirt Demonstrations Converge In Thai Capital


At about 545pm earlier, a flood of yellow-shirts streamed across the heart of the capital city of Thailand.

Reported by the Bangkok Post as the “foes” of Yingluck, traffic slowed to a crawl as the demonstrators encouraged onlookers to join in the march against “capitalism”. Among the placards seen in both Thai and English, the Thaksin party is seen as pro-capitalism while its rival yellow is against its evil. Using phrases like a “zero-sum game” to describe the economical slant of the incumbent, the yellow shirts displayed their disdain by calling on supporters to push for their agenda by taking to the streets.

As they marched past the Central mall, it brought back memories of the destruction wrought by demonstrators just a few years ago.

BLM Implications:
Despite the state of politics that provides uncertainty for investors, there has been progress over the years manifested in rapid developments over the country, particularly in Bangkok. The city is currently being wired up for wireless access, which represents the push for infrastructural changes to support growth of tourism, and access.

While politics may seem to be a major game that seeks to hinder progress, what parties in power will need to realise is the people they are serving have ongoing challenges and need to be met on a daily basis. Balance is always the key to success, in this regard, and while it is clear that progress through capitalism is the way forward, the government needs to be mindful of the lowest common denominator without having to slow the machinery of progress down just for it. It has to however, bring them on board with progress by levelling up the people who need help so that they do not get left behind by the winds of change.

For the longest time, sticking to the agenda of showing progress through infrastructural advancements is a clear sign of a forward-looking party and one that the nation needs, albeit not one that a sizeable population of the proletariat likes to see. The question always remains behind whether relative poverty can be alleviated with the use of capitalism and as long as the incumbents are unable to breakthrough the mindset and the image painted by their opponents, it will continue to be a hindrance to them. If However, Yingluck is able to manage the sensitivities and yet push for her progressive agenda, it is a good sign that her cards are well played.


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