What Makes Effective Managers and Temp Workers

What Really Makes a Good Manager?

Workforce Recruitment Program

Effective Managers Are Largest Influence On Retention (Photo credit: heraldpost)

Managers are the largest influence in whether or not an employee leaves a position, through their multiplying effect on the performance of the workforce as a whole, play an instrumental part in driving a company’s revenue stream. Recent research found:

1. Employees won’t work for creative managers for very long: The higher managers test on the innovation and creativity scale, the shorter their employees stay with the company. Additionally, managers who are skilled multi-taskers have lower rates of employee retention.

2. Experienced managers perform better, but past experience doesn’t matter for non-managerial roles: Experienced managers perform better, but that wisdom doesn’t apply to the employees they hire. A cornerstone of most hiring criteria, past experience does not predict employee performance on the job. Customer outcomes were the same whether an employee was experienced or new.

3. Managers who strategize and plan lose employees: “Reactive” managers who readily adapt to changing business conditions retain employees longer than managers who plan for the future.

Hallmarks of Effective Seasonal and Temporary Workers

Every year, businesses hire seasonal workers for the holiday commerce push. But what should companies look for in those workers to optimize their seasonal business results? Evolv research unveiled:

The best seasonal workers should be extroverted, inquisitive, and good at multi-tasking. Loyalty and creativity are not important; the data shows that reward-driven workers make the best hires.
The best retail workers must have an innate aptitude for sales, which isn’t surprising. However research also found that employees that succeed in a retail environment must have great spatial orientation and conflict resolution skills – two characteristics that aren’t screened for in the typical interview.

From: Evov

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