Executive HRM: 10 Tips to Creating A Positive Workplace Culture

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Workplace well-being or happiness is more than just feeling good. It includes engagement, a sense of meaning and positive relationships. Employees who are unhappy at work are seven times more likely to be absent from work, twice as likely to give themselves low performance ratings and seven times more likely to look for a new job, according to recent findings by Healthways-Gallup.

In a recently published whitepaper, Dr. Kertay offers his “Happy Worker Prescription”—ten tips to help employers create a positive workplace culture:

  1. Make sure managers understand that employee happiness impacts productivity and helps keep your workforce fully engaged and productive.
  2. Hire happy people.
  3. Invest in managers’ emotional intelligence.
  4. Provide recognition in the way the employee values most.
  5. Provide opportunities to socialize, and encourage it.
  6. Provide benefits that are important to your employees and enhance their financial security—and emphasize the value of those benefits.
  7. If there are issues with performance, address them directly, starting with the positive.
  8. If an individual or the team is showing signs of stress, listen without judgment.
  9. If you have done something wrong, apologize.
  10. Express interest in staff well-being, including when an employee is out of work.

“Some people are just naturally positive; they’re predisposed to happiness,” explains Dr. Kertay. “But, happiness can be fostered, too. Studies have found that the number of times each day someone experiences even brief moments of positive emotion is a strong predictor of overall happiness. This means that an employer can boost employees’ happiness on a day-to-day basis, simply by helping employees experience more positive emotional events.”


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