9 Common Hard Truths of Working Culture


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Kummerow and Kirby recently published Organisational Culture – Concept, Context and Measurement and the book highlights some rather interesting observations about organizational culture:

1. If you are “required”, you are usually not promoted – workers are kept at the same level because they are good at what they do. Competence is not a guarantee of reward. In fact at times, the incompetent may get promoted ahead of you.

2. “Other” factors influence promotion – including owning a car, having the right connections with “upstairs”, having the “gift-of-the-gap”, etc.

3. External fill-ins for higher levels are more common than internal promotions – even certain divisions or subsidiaries are used as “dumping grounds” for “condemned” managers.

4. Money is usually the main motivator for performance – no money, no talk. All other motivational measures like praise hold a much smaller weight in the equation.

5. Hard work is usually rewarded with more work. If you have not found yourself getting busier, beware!

6. Superiors seen as ultimate and legitimate authority whereas subordinates see themselves as of limited worth and powerless.

7. The rewards for each year seem to change with time.

8. Appraisal is useful only as an administrative formality.

9. Workers see themselves as “numbers” in an organization and see themselves as expendable

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