Executive Parents: 3 Quick Tips to Shopping Smart This Holiday Season

Here are 3 quick tips for how families can shop smarter this season.


toys (Photo credit: red5standingby)

1. Keep safety in mind. According to research, the number one cause of identity theft comes from losing your wallet, followed by car theft and online theft. Only carry the minimum amount of information you need and always take your credit card and ATM receipts. When shopping online, make sure to log off completely when finished with transactions and never allow a browser to “remember” your username and password. Finally, you can consider purchasing ID fraud coverage, which helps to reimburse some of the costs related to reclaiming your identity and rebuilding your credit.

2. Think personal – look for unique gifts that celebrate a particular hobby or interest.

3. Use a one-stop shop. It has economies of scale and is able to bring prices down, and especially if you’re stumped for gift ideas, this makes it easy as you will be guaranteed to have something for everyone on your list. This year, electronics, toys and video games are expected to be the hottest items with the new Kindle Fire HDX and Playstation4 topping lists. Check out various mobile shopping app — it’s free and available on every wireless device. You can easily search for deals, read reviews, and scan barcodes of items to add to your wish list. Of course you can buy gifts, have them wrapped and shipped from your mobile device in as little as 30 seconds.

From: Dana Hilmer

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