Investors Expected to Jump in as Dow Approaches Record Highs

As the global economy lumbers out of the recent recession, U.S. stock markets are climbing, encouraging more investors to jump in and start reaping the benefits.

The evolution of average NASDAQ share prices b...

The evolution of average NASDAQ share prices between 1994 and 2004 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The three major markets in the U.S. are poised to achieve record highs in the days to come, with the Dow flirting with 16,000, while the S&P strives to reach 1800. Even the Nasdaq is on the up and up, lingering close to 4,000, a high it has not reached since 2000 when the dot-com bubble burst. While all three markets are hovering around their record highs, they have yet to close on them, though analysts remain hopeful and the resulting increase in activity presents a prime opportunity to those participating in binary options trading.

These record highs are significant in a few different ways that are important for those looking for something to do with their binary options bonus. The highs signify a real chance at a full stock market recovery following the recession that has been plaguing the global economy since around 2007. Even though unemployment numbers are still up, many Americans are receiving some kind of benefit from the boost in the stock market, with more than 50% of them personally invested and realizing gains, either in the form of long-term investments or through their binary options activities.

The increases in the Dow, S&P, and Nasdaq are expected to attract investors who have been hesitant to re-enter the markets up until now. One caveat remains for binary options traders and others who have a high stake in the stock market, though, as experts caution against another bubble and a potential future market correction.

November has already been a month for breaking records on various investment fronts, not just in binary options but also for those with more traditional retirement accounts. Fidelity Investments reported that 401(k) balances are up 11% from a year ago, and that growth was at least partially driven by the surging stock market.

Investors with binary options bonuses to use should still proceed with some amount of caution, but should also take the recent surges as good opportunities to build their wealth.

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One thought on “Investors Expected to Jump in as Dow Approaches Record Highs

  1. I don’t think the average investor will jump in just yet. People are still in denial about this phenomenal bull market. Good for us, as there is plenty of upside left. When stock talk hits the locker room, and everyone thinks they are a stock trading pro, I’d worry.

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