What do the ultra-rich buy for Christmas?

Superyachts Most Popular Luxury Asset Among Top Billionaires

Luxury yacht O'Mega underway. Note the correct...

Luxury yacht O’Mega underway.. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

As the year-end festive season approaches, Wealth-X, the world’s leading ultra high net worth (UHNW) intelligence provider, looks back at the all-time top 10 most expensive billionaire luxury asset acquisitions.

As money for them is no object, billionaires from Oracle CEO Larry Ellison to Russian tycoon Alisher Usmanov have spared no expense in indulging their appetite for luxury assets such as private islands or top-of-the-line superyachts.

The Wealth-X list shows that luxury yachts are the most popular luxury asset acquisition. Eight of the 10 billionaires in the list own these luxury vessels.

At number one on the list is UAE President Khalifa Bin Zayed Bin Sultan Bin Zayed Al Nahyan (also known as Sheikh Khalifa) who purchased the world’s largest megayacht Azzam in 2013 for a reported sum of US$627 million. Wealth-X calculates that the value of the yacht is merely 3.5 percent of Sheikh Khalifa’s net worth of US$17.9 billion.

Measuring a whopping 590-feet, Sheikh Khalifa’s Azzam is the biggest yacht in the world, overtaking Russian tycoon Roman Abramovich’s 533-feet yacht Eclipse, which was the world’s biggest for the past three years.

Below are the top five all-time luxury acquisitions:

Rank Name Luxury Asset Asset Price

(in US$ million)

Estimated Net

(in US$ million)

1 Khalifa Bin Zayed Bin Sultan Bin Zayed
Al Nahyan
Yacht, Azzam 627 17,900
2 Larry Ellison Lanai Island, Hawaii 500 46,400
3 Roman Abramovich Yacht, Eclipse 485 12,400
4 Yury Shefler Yacht, Serene 330 1,600
5 Andrey Melnichenko Yacht, A 323 13,600

Russian vodka tycoon Yury Shefler comes in fourth on the list with his luxury yacht Serene, an asset that – with a price tag of US$300 million – represents over 20 percent of his net worth of US$1.6 billion.

Ellison’s US$500 million acquisition of Lanai Island in Hawaii in 2012 ranks second on Wealth-X’s list. He was named top billionaire island owner by Wealth-X in June 2013, beating other billionaires such as Google CEO Larry Page and Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen.

For the complete list, visit http://www.wealthx.com/articles/2013/top-10-all-time-luxury-asset-acqusition/


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