Quote of the Day – on how successful CEOs think

Talking Execution

Talking Execution (Photo credit: Ross Mayfield)

“The most successful CEOs actually develop and shape options in their minds. They reframe the issue as part of a broader phenomenon, maybe looking at it from the outside in and with a longer time frame. Imagination and the ability to connect diverse insights come into play. They’re also very good at making sure each option is specific and concrete, taking their thinking from an altitude of 50,000 feet down to 50 feet. With each option, they ask, “If we were to go this way, what would our success depend on?” Those are the assumptions their decisions hinge on—the things that will make the decision succeed or go bust. As their thinking gels, they pose incisive questions, ask for quantitative analyses, solicit more information from inside and outside the company, and bounce ideas off a small network of trusted people for a dose of reality. From that they draw inferences and thread ideas together to reach what they consider the right solution.” Ram Charan

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