Quote of the Day – on developing leadership “muscles” for the next lap


Escalator (Photo credit: Adrian Snood)

“Throughout my career, my starting position has always been to seek to be leaders in our thinking, not followers. We must be comfortable following, but above all, we must be comfortable to be in front where there is no one else to follow and we are making our own way. This is what makes the difference between being Number One and not being number one; it is the difference between sustaining success and degrading performance in an unknowable future. Allow me to illustrate my point by comparing riding an escalator to climbing the stairs. The people who simply stand on the escalator will feel inadequate when they reach a level where there is no escalator but only a staircase to go to the next level — they have never developed the muscles to give them the strength, energy, and confidence to climb the stairs. So using the escalator is a good idea: ride on what others are doing, but walk up the escalator at the same time to develop your muscles and capability as you go!” Lim Siong Guan, former Head of Civil Service, Singapore


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