Top Global & U.S. Locations for Dream Job Transfers

– U.S. #1 Location; the Big Apple Retains its Shine for Dream Job Relocations

– Outside the U.S., Italy and Australia (tied), France, and New Zealand Rank #1, #2, and #3

– By a Significant Margin, Employees Say Spouse and Family Happiness is the Key to a Successful Job Transfer

Human resources executives of global companies, take note: if you want to bring smiles to the faces of your relocating employees, tell them you have a job relocation for them in New York City or somewhere in Europe.


In a year-end survey, several hundred relocation and human resource professionals, “If you could accept a job transfer to any place in the world, where would it be?”

The United States overall was the No. 1 answer, followed closely by Europe.

Although most survey respondents simply wrote “U.S.” or “Europe” as their top two global picks, those who were specific named the following seven places as their top international dream job relocation hot spots:

1.    Italy and Australia (tied)

2.    France

3.    New Zealand

4.    Germany

5.    Singapore

6.    Spain

7.    Hong Kong


In the U.S., the top seven dream job transfers named were:

1.    New York City

2.    San Francisco

3.    San Diego

4.    Boston

5.    Chicago

6.    Miami

7.    Dallas


These relocation and HR professionals were also asked, “If you were being transferred, what would you consider as the most important factor before accepting the new job assignment?”

By percentage, the answers were:

38% = My spouse’s/family’s happiness while on assignment

22% = Pay raise/new responsibilities

22% = Potential for career advancement

13% = Location

5%   = Length of assignment


From: Cartus


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