U.S. Worker Confidence Ends 2013 on a High-Note

In tandem with broader economic indicators, the Randstad US Employee Confidence Index, which tracks U.S. workers’ perspectives around jobs and the economy each month, rose 0.7 points to 55.2 in December 2013. The Randstad Employment Tracker was conducted online by Harris Interactive between December 3 and 5 on behalf of Randstad and included 1,104 employed U.S. adults ages 18 and older.

The Randstad Employee Confidence Index findings aligned with The Conference Board’s December consumer confidence index — which climbed to 78.1 from 72 in November. Similarly, both reports show greater optimism in the labor market, economy and job availability.

“Despite the dip during the government shutdown, 2013 has proven to be very positive regarding confidence expressed by U.S. employees and overall job creation in the final few months of the year,” said Jim Link, Chief HR Officer, Randstad North America. “For the second year in a row, the Randstad US Employee Confidence Index has consistently registered over 50 points — our official indicator signifying an overall positive sentiment. As we head into 2014, we predict continued job growth as forecasts remain positive in several key sectors, including energy, healthcare, technology and manufacturing.”

Randstad, the second largest staffing and HR services firm in the world, has been tracking workforce trends and publishing the U.S. Employee Confidence Index since 2004.


Employee Confidence Index
Employee Macro Personal Transition Security
MONTH Confidence Confidence Confidence Index Index
Dec-13 55.2 43.7 66.7 36 70
Nov-13 54.5 41.2 67.8 34 69
Oct-13 51.5 34.8 68.3 37 71
Sep-13 55.7 44.7 66.7 36 76
Aug-13 58 47.3 68.7 32 74
Jul-13 56.3 44.3 68.3 36 72
Jun-13 56.8 46.5 67.1 36 72
May-13 54.8 42.6 67.1 37 69
Apr-13 57 46.8 67.2 35 69
Mar-13 53.9 40.1 67.8 33 73
Feb-13 53.5 42.9 64.1 37 72
Jan-13 52.1 38.3 65.8 33 72


From: Ranstad


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