Six-Figure Earners Out in the Cold in Jobless Numbers

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Today’s unemployment report from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, doesn’t include an important statistic — the average length of time it takes Americans looking for a six-figure job to land their next career position. The time it takes a six-figure professional to find a new job can be between 18 to 24 months, compared with the overall average of 10 months.

“There are strategies that have been proven to dramatically decrease the number of months it takes highly paid job seekers to find their next positions,” said Tammy Kabell, CEO of Career Resume Consulting, an executive career firm that has had great success in helping clients find positions in weeks and not months. “It just comes down to having an action plan that works.”

Ms. Kabell uses a combination of principles from marketing and sales that work with all of her clients, no matter what their area of expertise.

“I’ve discovered that when you are branded as an expert or have a certain expertise, you get more attention from employers and recruiters than if you are prospecting like any other candidate. High level job seeking takes a different set of strategies than if you’re searching for an entry level or mid-level position,” says Kabell, who works with clients across the U.S. and internationally.

Here are several job seeking branding techniques that have worked for Career Resume Consulting’s clients:

  • Using a one-page, skills-based resume instead of the usual chronologically based resume or CV.
  • A robust LinkedIn profile, along with a compelling online resume to keep your personal marketing message consistent.
  • Instead of using online job boards, which can receive 600 to 1,000 resumes for each six-figure job posting, CRC recommends sending a paper copy of the resume to the person who would be your boss at a company where you would be excited to work. “A hard copy of your resume will sit on someone’s desk far longer than it would sit in their email inbox. Many of my clients continue to get calls for months after they’ve started their next job,” Kabell adds.
  • Instead of spending an hour or two on a cover letter, she recommends using a quick, hand-written note in the margin of the resume. It is much more personal and takes a fraction of the time to craft a cover letter.

Kabell also admits that much of the success of a high-level job search is a numbers game. Her clients send up to 50 resumes a week to employers that meet their target criteria.

“My most successful clients are those that can maintain a high level of activity until they find the right position. They keep their eye on the prize and make job searching their top priority. Those are the clients that land their next job in less than 12 weeks,” she says. Shaving that much time off an executive job search can result in over $100,000 in recouped income vs. the income lost during an average search at that level.

Other techniques recommended include:

  • Poring over local business journals
  • Searching for companies with good news to report
  • Sending your resume to key personnel
  • Congratulating them on the good news and requesting a conversation.


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2 thoughts on “Six-Figure Earners Out in the Cold in Jobless Numbers

  1. The points made above are a valuable when looking for an executive-level position. Six figure income comes with the territory. The candidate must be able to “hold the ground on which he or she stands”. This means you must be demonstratively qualified to assume the position you seek. You must “know” that you have the stuff to perform in the position you seek and show it before, during and after the interview.. Opportunities are lost because candidates can not demonstrate the competencies essential in the position seek. Nothing substitutes for experience. The most significant resource you have available when seeking an executive level position is your professional network. Implicit in the notion that you can use your network to identify opportunities is a quality “reputation”. You must have a positive reputation within your network in order for it to work for you. People who give you a substantive referral must believe from experience that you will represent them well. Not surprisingly, when you are in the top 5% of known players within a network, the leads come.

    Dr. Ed

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