Executive Parents: Should Children Be Made to Pay for Their Own Upbringing?

Family Parents Girl Children Walking on Beach
© Photographer: Spotmatik | Agency: Dreamstime.com

Children are expensive, just ask any parent. For children to grow into socially responsible and successful adults, money needs to be spent, both privately on clothes and food, and publically on education and health care, but who should foot the bill? Traditionally it is either the tax payer or the parent, but research in Political Studies suggests that kids should pay their own way.

“The current literature appeals to two popular principles, that we should bear the costs of our choices, and so parents should pay for children, or that the beneficiaries should pay, and so all of society should pay, since we will all benefit from a next generation,” said Dr. Patrick Tomlin from the University of Reading. “I argue that the primary beneficiaries of child-rearing schemes and institutions are children themselves, and so we can ask former children to pay back, through taxation, for the benefits they have received.”

Using examples ranging from The Flintstones, to The Simpsons and The Matrix, Dr. Tomlin explores the question of fairness and argues that the three options combined can result in a shared cost for what is, after all, a shared benefit.

From: Political Studies


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