Creating Value

Value, Colorful words
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The core objective of every organisation is, or should be, to create value… without added value, there is no lasting business.

~ Michael Deimler


3 thoughts on “Creating Value

  1. Let’s presume that the definition of Value we are using in common is “Quality for Money”. In consideration of this definition, I have always been sensitive to the reality that what I consider to be of Value may not be of Value to another person. Thus, the challenge for me in any business (or even social) transaction is to determine the Value proposition and equation of the person(s) with whom I am dealing. The proposition consists of answers to the question: Is what I have to offer you of Value and why? I can begin to work from those answers. Then, comes the Value equation: How will you determine that Value has been delivered and how will I know that you have been satisfied? Unless I have answers to the second set of questions, I can not establish my own Value for the relationship. I could work incredibly hard to provide the defined Value they seek, but I could never satisfy them if I am measuring my efforts one way and they are measuring them in another. So, my personal commitment to Quality service requires I obtain an answer to all four questions before I begin working. I recommend anyone attempting to deliver a quality product or service – with Value – use this question set. Dr. Ed

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