The CEO’s Accountability

View From Behind As CEO Addresses Meeting
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“There is no rule that says, A chief executive has to be in charge of this and that. Of course, a chief executive is the court of last resort and has ultimate accountability. And the chief executive also has to make sure of getting the information necessary to assume this ultimate accountability. The chief executive’s own work, however, depends on what the enterprise requires and on who the individual is. As long as the CEO’s work program consists of key activities, he or she does a CEO’s job. But the CEO also is responsible for making sure that all the other key activities are adequately covered.” Peter Drucker


2 thoughts on “The CEO’s Accountability

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  2. “No man is an island” is never more true than when we are looking at a CEO. A CEO, in my opinion does not run a company. He or she leads a Team which runs a company. I have done a number of CEO and leadership team assessments. There has been a constant in all of them. A CEO is, beyond any public persona, only as good as his or her senior leadership team. So, the work of the CEO is defined in the strengths and weakness of his or her team. The CEO must act to capitalize on the strengths of the individual players on the team and their collected competency. He or she must also actively mitigate the weaknesses of each individual team member and the team as a whole. The process identified by the CEO for capitalizing on the strengths of the individuals on the team can make other individuals stronger. More important, I have found, that the CEO can act to mitigate the weaknesses of an individual team member in ways that serve to strengthen the team overall. This is the most legitimate work of the CEO. It takes a well-functioning and properly led senior leadership team to effect an organization’s Strategic Agenda. Thanks, Dr. Ed

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