The Consistency of Leadership

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“The final requirement of effective leadership is to earn trust. To trust a leader, it is not necessary to like him. Nor is it necessary to agree with him. Trust is the conviction that the leader means what he says. It is a belief in something very old-fashioned, called “integrity”. A leader’s actions and a leader’s professed beliefs must be congruent, or at least compatible. Effective leadership – and again this is very old wisdom – is not based on being clever, it is based primarily on being consistent.” Peter Drucker


One thought on “The Consistency of Leadership

  1. I couldn’t agree more with Drucker about consistency and trust. I was once working with a group of physicians on Medical Staff Rules and Regulations when a physician, new to our group process, declared that my point and position (as CEO) required trust. He said, “You have not yet earned my trust.” Another physician said, “Oh you may not always l like Ed, but you can trust Ed. He always gives it to you straight and does what he tells you he is going to do.” I took this as a real compliment and have thought about it a lot over the years as I considered “what to do next and how to do it”. When our behavior is consistent, those we lead can place “trust” in us and rely on what we say and what we say we will do. My physicians didn’t always like my positions, but they knew they could rely on them, and build their action plans based on them. My consistency gave them confidence. They did not have to worry that one day I would take one position on an issue and the next take an entirely different position on that same issue. I don’t share this to applaud myself. Rather, I offer this personal experience as food for thought for young leaders. “Always be your word.”

    In a real sense, consistency and trust are the interlaced fingers of two locked hands. – Dr. Ed

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