The Costs of Eating Healthy and Sustainably

Healthy eating woman
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A healthy and sustainable diet is out of reach for people on a low income.

This is the finding of a study published in the February issue of Australian and New Zealand Journal of Public Health.

A study led by Laurel Barosh from Australian National University found that cost and affordability are important determinants in influencing people’s food choices.

“The most disadvantaged households would have to spend up to 48% of their weekly income on a healthy and sustainable diet, while the most advantaged households would spend only 9% of their weekly income,” Ms Barosh said.

“Until sustainable options become more affordable, people will continue to disregard environmental considerations when making food purchases.

“Climate change has affected the price and availability of food in Australia and other countries.

“Sustainable food options often cost more than regular foods and that cost difference is a recognised barrier to a healthy and sustainable diet.”


From: The Australian and New Zealand Journal of Public Health


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