Survey Highlights Opportunities for Service Organizations to Better Engage Employees

NYC: American Intl Building and Manhattan Comp...

NYC: American Intl Building and Manhattan Company Building (Photo credit: wallyg)

A benchmark study on trends and best practices in frontline performance management indicates that a majority of companies do not use collaboration and gamification to improve employee engagement. Only 12% of companies actively solicit ideas from frontline employees, and less than one third set daily or weekly performance goals.

Organizations that use gamification from the initial, onboarding stage drive better business outcomes such as performance, engagement, and retention. While technologies such as gamification can be applied to focus the frontline every day, the survey found that companies continue to motivate performance through traditional contests, and two in three companies run those contests less than once per month.

According to the study:

  • 88% of companies run contests and competitions to motivate employees
  • Contest kick-offs and results are most frequently communicated through email (86%) and verbally (49%)
  • The most common rewards used in contests and competitions are trophies (78%) and financial incentives (57%)
  • Gaming mechanics are used infrequently, with only 31% of companies exploring some form of digital rewards.

The survey results are based on a sample of over 160 respondents from more than 130 different companies, the bulk of which represent the financial services, insurance, and telecommunications industries.

A report highlighting the main findings of the Performance Management Benchmark Study can be found here. This Study was conducted by NICE Systems.


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